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imageBlack Truffle The black diamond of world cuisine, excellent quality.

Other names: Summer truffle, Scorzone, Truffle of Saint-Jean


Bianchetto Truffle or Tuber Borchii 200g

Bianchetto Truffle or Tuber Borchii 200g

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Bianchetto Truffle or Tuber Borchii 200g4 out of 50 based on 3 voters.

Tuber borchii vitt. is the scientific name. This valuable truffle species worldwide, but especially highly valued in some parts of Italy - Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Molise, although has a market value lower than the white truffle.Exterior can be confused with Tuber Magnum, because initially it shows the same characteristics, irregular, smooth and white, but when dirty matures gets dark. The smell is characteristic that distinguishes it from the white truffle. Prefers soil rich in limestone, occurs both in conifers and in deciduous.

His season is January to March.

Other names: Tuber borchii vitt., Bianchetto, Tuber Albidum, Cercuse truffle, Tuscany white truffle, Marzuolo.

A-Quality  *Top quality fresh truffles*

To keep quality and aroma of our truffles, we use refrigerated containers for delivering, this adds a weight of 1,5kg and increases the cost of the delivery!

Upon customer choice, we can use lightweight packaging. If you prefer this option, please contact us by e-mail.


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